Become an Ambassador

Be part of the Solution

You can be part of the solution by becoming an ambassador of this innovative product. Being an ambassador will provide you the opportunity to take advantage of these networks and put your brand name on a product that will reach thousands of children, their parents and teachers each year. Your brand will be associated with a product that will make a real difference in the lives of our young people and help stem the flow of bullying and explicit behaviour online.

Purpose of Ambassadors

The ambassador program is a model that involves trusted, credible sports and celebrity personalities to promote and give greater visibility to our products and services.

Our kind of brand ambassador is a true passionate volunteer who wants to support the education and safeguarding of our youths. The ideal ambassador would be a passionate individual who believes in the cause and can volunteer a small amount of time to commit to the below.

How can you be involved?

We understand our ambassadors are busy and time might be an issue. We appreciate any support you can provide:

  • Submit a picture and career/ passion overview & message of support
  • Posting about our products/services online (e.g. social media and forums)
  • Creating, sharing and responding to online comments on posts
  • Participating in events (when available) as a company ambassador
  • Network and build trusting relationships with potential customers
  • Thoroughly understand our products and services to inform potential customers
  • Use word-of-mouth marketing techniques, like referring our company to network
  • Provide feedback regarding customers’ requests

Ambassador benefits:

  • Name recognition on marketing and promotional collateral
  • Name recognition at events
  • Name recognition and link to Starshell Student website
  • Global exposure to improve your own branding
  • Help build your business with access to high profile network

For more information, please contact:


Office: 02 9098 5028