Do I have to give us your username and password details for my social media accounts?

No. You never have to provide these details. To connect your social media accounts to the Starshell platform, we enter in their name and mobile number or email address into the Starshell platform which sends an invitation to you to authorise Starshell to connect to their accounts. You then click the secured link in the message and click the authorise button on the webpage. This is the same process as when you sign into any web service using your social media account and is totally secure.

Can I have a say in which filter rules are placed on my social media accounts?

For a number of the rules you can set them and then modify them at any time.

Can I have private messages?

Yes. The Starshell solution only monitors public messages so you can send messages to those who you have accepted as a friend and you trust without the Starshell platform monitoring them.

I’m concerned if I do this I’ll lose my true personality on social media that my followers love.

No you won’t. You can keep being yourself on social media and we encourage that to build your profile. The Starshell solution is here to provide you with a safe guard for those brain snap moments that could affect you. It will only remove updates that have been identified as containing potentially damaging content. If the you and your parent reviews a removed update and thinks it’s actually ok, they can allow it to be published to your social media account

Will this mean my parents can see everything I’m doing on social media?

No. The Starshell solution will just display the updates that have been flagged by the filter rules, i.e. the potentially damaging updates that could affect you. However they already can and probably do by following you on each social media network.

Can anything be deleted from my social media accounts?

No. The Starshell solution can only remove updates that are flagged by the filter rules.

Can your parents post anything on my behalf?

No. The Starshell solution doesn’t allow anybody to update anything on behalf.

If you have any more questions, please contact us.