Why Partner with Starshell Student?

An opportunity to drive change

A partnership with Starshell Student will bring unique benefits for your organisation, customers and staff and community. Together we can make a difference.

We recognise that your business goals are unique, so we will work collaboratively with you to develop a partnership package that meets your:

  • Corporate social responsibility strategies
  • Community engagement initiatives
  • Budget availability

By tailoring a package to suit your needs, you can make a meaningful impact on local communities.

A strategic partnership with Starshell Student– based on shared values and goals – will align your brand with positive social change, inspiring trust and engagement with a wide network of people worldwide.

Build closer ties with local communities

Our corporate package allows funds to visit schools and regional communities across Australia and globally to raise awareness on cyber safety and prevent online bullying.

By becoming a corporate partner, you can become an integral part of this important, life-changing work and build closer ties with the communities in which you operate.

Increase your customer loyalty

Customers increasingly want to engage with companies that tackle important social issues.

A partnership with Starshell student  is an opportunity to show that your organisation plays a visible and valuable role in the community, enhancing your customer relationships and ultimately, revenue.

Key ways you can partner with us:

We work with our partners in two ways:

  • Donate products and services to support our rewards program
  • Financial backing than can provide platform to schools and families in your local community

Tailored partnerships

We will work with you to develop a partnership package that aligns with your goals, values and budget.

Did you know?

Today,  children   as   young   as   10   years   old   are   openly   and   publicly communicating with each other on social media platforms. Sometimes these communications  can  be  explicit,  negative  or  hurtful,  without  the  young person considering the consequences. A damaging digital footprint can harm a young person’s professional career and future relationships. Cyberbullying is  an  increasing  problem,  with  research  showing  that  victims  often  remain quiet,    as    they    fear    being    denied    use    of    social    media    by    their parents/guardians.   The   statistics   surrounding   bullying   in   Australia   are frightening:

Australia has  been  ranked  number  1  worldwide,  for  bullying  on  social networks:

  • 1 in 5 young Australians aged 8-17 years, experience cyberbullying each year
  • Children who  are  bullied  are  3  times  more  likely  to  show  depressive symptoms
  • Young people who bully have a 1 in 4 chance of having a criminal record by the age of 30
  • Children who are bullied are 9 times more likely to have suicidal thoughts
  • The negative social, physical and mental health effects of bullying are still evident 40 years later