Kudos Knowledge Signs Partnership With The Good Choice Project

We are integrating our programs to provide a holistic health and wellness program to Australian sports clubs.

The first sports association is with Queensland Rugby League clubs

Over 100 clubs and 40,000 players

Then to all other sports clubs around Australia.

Kudos Knowledge has signed a partnership with The Good Choice Project to deliver their StarShell Student platform.

The Good Choice Project is a not-for-profit charity organisation based in Queensland and operating around Australia.

They work with local communities and sporting clubs to provide training and education on:
* Drugs and Alcohol
* Mental Health
*Health & Nutrition
*Social Media
*Respectful Relationships

Kudos Knowledge and The Good Choice Projects aims and objectives align well.

The signing of this agreement is a positive step forward for kids and sporting organisations.

Both across Queensland and around Australia.

It will help children and teenagers make the right decisions today to ensure that they become knowledgeable adults of tomorrow.

Starshell Student

Starshell Student offers the world’s only social media monitoring and educational platform designed specifically for children and youths. The platform aims to ensure safer online usage.

The first project together for the partnership, is to build awareness and promote use of the Starshell Student program by Queensland Rugby League teams.

“We understand the struggles families face in supporting youth of today through the maze of life obstacles and decisions. We are excited to bring this program to the community and look forward to seeing youth make great choices.” CEO The Good Choice Project, Michael Pecic

The programs education function is unique, and allows students to make decisions and learn about digital and social media responsibility. It also provides online resources and guidance.

Kudos CEO Graeme Hannel is excited about the partnership.

“Our working partnership with the Good Choice Project is a positive addition to our company’s mission which is to help solve a variety of present-day social problems”.

For more information regarding this partnership between Kudos knowledge and the Good Choice Project please contact David Saxberg at: David.Saxberg@KudosKnowledge.com