If you want to stop cyberbullying, join the fight today with Reggie and sign up to the Reggie project to educate and protect your children.

Winner of Big Brother to join the fight against Cyber-bullying:

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Our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors want you to be safe and have fun on the Internet.

They are available to visit your school or event.

Reggie Bird - Big Brother Winner with 2 children

Big Brother Winner

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Image of Celebrity Chef John McFadden

Celebrity Chef

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Image of Actress Demi Sealy

Award Winning Actress

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Image of Pro Golfer Tim Stewart

Pro Golfer

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Latest News

Vector image of newspapers that have big headlines saying: "Warning FAKE NEWS!"

Google’s plan to tackle “fake news” with artificial intelligence has it sailing into turbulent waters

Google’s plan to tackle “fake news” with artificial intelligence has it sailing into turbulent waters. The plan also sees it taking on the management of news subscriptions for a cut: some 5 per cent for subscriptions through Google via a publisher’s website, and 15 per cent through an app. That Google and Apple leverage profits […]

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Parents fear social media and technology more than drugs, alcohol or smoking

Key points: ReachOut surveyed 890 parents with children between the ages of 12 and 18 45 per cent of parents worried about social media, 42 per cent about technology 25 per cent worried about their children using drugs, alcohol, smoking. Technology closely followed at 42 per cent.ReachOut chief executive Jono Nicholas said parents were worried […]

Image of Dolly Everett

Akubra girl Dolly’s bullying suicide shocks Australia

In a Facebook post, the father of Amy “Dolly” Everett called for more awareness of bullying so his daughter’s life “will not be wasted”. Akubra also expressed its condolences, issuing a call for all to “stand up” against any kind of bullying. One in five children in Australia says they were bullied in the past year. In […]

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Through our effective online digital monitoring tool, we are making the internet safer and more fun, especially for students.

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  • Louise Smith & Associates – Australia (ACT)
  • In Safe Hands – Australia
  • SafeMe – South Africa
  • FPOV – USA
  • Stast Consulting – Europe
  • Aspire2b – UK